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About Us

Dr. Franklin Douglas Harkrider, MD, FACEP, Senior AME

A board certified emergency medicine physician and clinical emergency medical professor for Emory, Mercer, MCG and PCOM. He has also been an instrument rated private pilot for over 50 years currently flying a Mooney M20. So he understands all aspects of obtaining your medical to fly. He recently retired as the CEO and head of the Northeast Georgia Medical Center Emergency Department after 41 years in practice. He has been a been an AME for 15 years and has been awarded :Senior Airman Medical Examiner Status.

  Dr. Harkrider is assisted by a registered nurse, Debra, a critical care practitioner for 40 yrs and is trained in FAA physical exams and special issuance work. So please call us anytime with any questions and concerns on obtaining your medical. We are here to assist you in anyway. You can also email us at [email protected]

  We are able to do in house EKG , Lab Work, Drug Screens, Vision, Farnsworth Lantern for color blindness and Audiometer testing.

We attend FAA / AME continuing medical courses - so we can bring you best flight physicals.

So fly or drive to our office on GVL's field, located on the field of KGVL near approach end runway 23 in the TITAN  Aviation building/ fuel farm 


1115 Aviation Way 

Gainesville, GA 30501

678-943-2941 or 678-828-8094      TEXT : 678-776-1346     Fax : 678-267-2969


Mon - Sunday 10am  - 10 pm *, but we are only in the office when we have patient appointments. We have answering service 24/7 everyday by a FAA REGISTERED NURSE . * If needed - we can see airman later that normal hours, weekends and holidays !!